Thursday, August 06, 2015

Check Check!!!

Had a troubled start today. First it was the last day for work in this week. Then the regular procrastination kicked in and many of the negative impacts have popped up. 

Was perplexed by the change of plan by J. Is the childhood friends bring in such an influence. Was seeing another side. Or was the current circumstances forcing her to look for some simple pleasurable moments. Anyhow I have decided to let it go as the wish goes on. 

Note sure when should I control such things. 

I need to strongly look at the current earning possibility.
Also need to do a cash flow statement for next week. 

I am winding up for the day. Still the mind is stirred. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012 - A troubled start

The troubling aspect of 2011 year end has carried over to 2012 as well. There was still hope in 2011 but now it is more or less clear 2012 is going to be a tough year ahead. It is strange that how a company affects the employees.

Specific to Oman, the closing of the branch is affecting 30 odd employees. People who was considering that the present job would contribute to their aspiration. Now in one shot the company has put doubts in the mind of the employee. A personnel sitting in Dubai with a plan to shut the office irrespective of what future business it could bring. What does this mean , the company at least is not with a long term view but a looking for a very short term objective. In short the compnay wants to exit the Telecom market. Or is it true what the company wants to do, does it really makes sense that a company survives just focussing a limited product and limted area. This is against the theory of backward or forward integration. Well time will only tell.

But the shock of this magnitude will definitely take 30 odd people to re-think and trust in any company they work in future. Rather it would make them a bit mean.

I for expample has not looked beyond the company , why? I was doing my wokr , not threatened by anyone, growing proffessionally every 2 years. Life was good but missed to see if things will last. This is where I missed the boat. I should have defined an exit point and exited before this happened. Isnt this happening to me the second time. Isnt it similar to the story of the wanderer who falls into a pit for the first time and comes out of it but then again he is falling in to the same pit. Strange.

Needs to look into the fundamentals. Why do I wait for something to happen? Is this the fundamental which needs to be checked ? Or are there more to be looked.
Why is self criticality the first action from my side? Why?

Just read today in Sacred Space that Life is a like a book , unique and only written with you as the main character , the plot is unique, the characters feel and reactions are unique but then the main thing is it is authored by none other than GOD. But is this true. The plot is set by GOD but your attitude defined how the plot further develops. Has to talk about this to Jeena. Would be interesting to see her point of view.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Performing Under Pressure - PUP

Was in the self realistion mode for yesterday. Going through a workshop named in the title. Identified facts: - Highly Self Critical - Have strong fear of failure - Reacts to stress by avoiding taking responsbility Feedback on excercises + Has the knack of seeing things in a different angle( edgy, catchy) + Good delgation skills + Handles team calmly during stress +Good analtical skills - Lacks clarity in communicating Target setting to team.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Day after India earning the World Cup

Relieving the good feeling after the World Cup. What did I feel after savouring the few hours of the World Cup victory was the following: - Guilt of postponing work on Wednesday and Saturday - Dhoni , a true manager, who worked with his resources (whatever he had) - Admiring the self-belief and desire of the Men in Blue to take the World Cup. The last two would definitely be lessons for me take carry over to my work. So Dhak Dhak Go India Go need to transalte to Dhak Dhak Go Shenod you Carry on.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Rituals impact on change of heart

The reason which made me write this blog was that of a certain behavior of an Omani elderly. At elast he looked so. First day of Eid and I live in an area where in te neighbour hood leaves some elderly Omani people as well. As customay I see a lot of youngsters coming over to greet them during Ramadan and essentially in the first day of Eid.
On a normal day, one side of the road is already occupied which allows only one lane of traffic. Being the first day of Eid and with the customary visit it was expected that cars would have to reverse to let other go. I get out of my house @11 in the morning and there comes a black Merc SL500 with the number plate 676 A, driven by an eldery Omani. It so happened that we came face to face at a turn and the only possibility was for him to go back. So he did go back but then he moved to a position where I had to clear way and he instructed as he was instruction his worker.
I am not sure why it made me think whether he got offended since he had to move back and wanted to show that he had not given way and so made me to move so that he could feel satisafied. Well I am not sure whether the ritual he followed during Ramadan had made him a better person and the very next day he changed!!! Or am I egoistic.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Yoke of Life

Well another Monday, was tired in the morning to get up from the bed. Could not get up early and missed going to church in the morning. Anyhow dragged myself out of bed on time to tune in to Gurucharanam. Today's topic was "Yoke".

He(Fr. Bobby Jose) started off by saying the Yoke needs to be sweet and light. But how do you make it sweet and light was the rest of the message.

First and foremost, consider the fact that the Yoke is given to us by The LORD and has made it fitting for you. Considering that Jesus was a carpenter, it is more of an apt way of thinking that he can make a yoke of the right size. LORD doesnot give us burden that we cannot manage. So having this confidence is the first and foremost thing to have.

Second is to consider that the love that makes you carry the yoke of life. The simple reason of carrying the yoke and the benefit that you might be bringing to you or your environment is another factor that needs to be taken into consideration. The benefit (not for you) but for your loved and beloved ones will make the yoke more sweet.

Third is to consider that this yoke was meant for you by the LORD. Accepting the yoke with this knowledge and submission gives you the strength to carry the yoke with the trust in the LORD. A story in line to this thought. "A Japanese farmer was walking to his animal farm on a winter day. He had the Japanese hat on his head and was walking on a snowy day or rather had to walk a snowy week. Everyday while he was walking heavy snowflakes was falling on his head. This caused the hat to be heavy and also a burden on his head. He took his hat off and shrugged of the snow and continued his walk. The next day the same thing happened. He got a bit angry about this. When it continued the following days he really started complaining. One day he thought himself , the world is too big consideting the size of the hat , the sky is too large considering the size of the hat, but still why does the snowflake fall on me which is small in size and also the hat which is smaller than me. Then he submitted to the fact that this was the part meant for him and also that the hat is saving his head from the snow flakes. He never felt angry anymore about the snowflakes" Not a revolutionay story but at least one which has a very small useful mesasge in it.But also a message saying that a yoke has always a pair in consideration. One is you and other can only be GOD. But our human brilliance doesnot allow us to recognise him. Definitely GOD will appear in one form or another. It might be a person(known or stranger) who takes care of the other part of the YOKE. Trust me it is GOD send/arranged.

The final thought in this angle is to participate as a partner in the other's yoke. Now it becomes our duty to take the role of the other partner in case of other persons yoke. The best example in this case is that of Simon the person who helped Jesus to carry the cross. Also it coudl be a soothing talk.

Being the season of lent why dont we see Jesus's Way of the Cross in light of the above four points:

- GOD felt that sacrifice can only be done by Jesus his SON among all the creatures he made. Would you or me doing it have made the Way Of Cross so meaningful to the whole human world?

- Was not there LOVE involved in the Yoke of Jesus. Definitely the LOVE towards the human being. Do you think anything else might have made it possible for JESUS to go through the Way Of Cross so beautifully and graciously.

- Did not Jesus has his own doubts on carrying out the final mile of his Journey. The night at the Gethsamine garden epitomises the dilemma he went through. But then he realised that this was meant for him and he accepted it. Yes after praying for such a long time. He was alone when he took that decision.

- Finally was not there somebody to help the SON of GOD in his journey. Simon coming and helping him out?

Let us meditate on the above points and find courage while carrying the yoke of life.

As Fr. Bobby Jose said let us make our Yoke sweet and light by taking inspiration from the above thoughts.

Gurucharanam is telecast in Shalom Television every Mon at 08:30 IST.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Religion - Matham - - Ibaada

Living in this world where religious tolerance is becoming a scarce thing, I was really happy to hear a talk from Fr. Bobby Jose in the Shalom television -Episiode 223 of Gurucharanam.

Well he did touch on intolerance, militancy, ritualism etc which is growing in every religion but certain aspects which he put in my mind was quite beautiful. I definitely dont want to match his skill with regards to the rendition of the speech he gave. But will put the views he had for a thought.

- Every religion is like an instrument in a Symphony. They all need to play in unison to create a musical piece.

- Every religion is like an insland in a group of islands. Even though each island is surrounded and defined by the water on all sides, the ground of all the islands are combining together deep in the earth crust.

- Rituals are necessary but putting emphasis on it only is the starting point to going to a militant point of view.

- Religions should be always saying what a person should become rather saying what one should not do.